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Pro 7: Avenzio, 07.07.2005

In diesem Bericht zeigt Pro 7 Avenzio, wie die Papageien & Sittiche bei mir leben. Dies war die erste Fernsehsendung über meine Papageien, mein Tropenhaus und mich.

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  • This is a huge step up and forward from keeping pet parrots with wings clipped often alone for much of the day without a compatible partner of the opposite sex in tiny gaol-house cages full of petrochemical plastics dyes and other health hazards. Well done. Can you imagine this idea being transformed to a community experience? For example a laneway being enclosed, planted and designed as a “huge” walk through aviary with people living along side allocating a room or two for shelter, some growing an organic garden etc etc? I can! Ross Perry, Holistic Avian Vet specialist, Australia. ps. Beyond that can you imagine all members of a community developing a loving trusting relationship with all the native birds in the area so that the only ones confined are the weak, the orphaned, the injured and sick? I can!

  • James Rogers

    I absolutely adore this! You have really done your “research” Trying to create a natural atmosphere and enviornment is key! Thank you for showing what you have done!!!

    • Ann Castro

      Thank you James. :) After seeing them in the wild I felt so bad about them not being able to fly. They had a bird room … not cages, but still. So when I had the chance I built this. The coolest thing was when we moved. I had put the birds into their new space late int he day so they could have a quick look around before going to sleep. In the morning one of my male macaws flew up to the balustrade and told me over and over and over “I love you”. Which is highest praise from him. :-) The last time he got that excited was when I got him a new mate after his wife had died.

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